Fun & Gift Lights - Beach Huts (battery-powered) | mains powered LED lighting

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Outdoor decorative lighting

Fun & Gift Lights - Beach Huts (battery-powered)

Indoor 2m total length/1m illuminated

£10.00 plus delivery

Decorative lighting sale


6 white LED bulbs in hand-made and hand-painted wooden beach huts

Celebrate the Best of British with a brilliantly versatile battery-powered version of the sell-out wooden Beach Huts. Light and easy to pack or send, they make a great gift idea-cum-souvenir, and the battery option means they'll work anywhere in the world. Tuck'em up in a care package with a box of PG Tips and a packet of HobNobs as a treat for far-flung Brits.

Power: 3 x AA batteries


Beach Huts